Lotta Wenglén was born in Malmoe in 1971 and started playing guitar and writing songs at an early age. She soon began making tape recordings with her older brother.
When the two of them where introduced to a four channel analogue porta studio it was pure heaven.

In her teens Lotta started her first punk band "The What" with som friends from High School, but it wasn't until the winter of 1995, when Lotta, Uffe Larsen and Anders Persson formed the band ”ba-ba-loo”, that the music started to take form. The band had some local gigs in Malmoe but soon they got the danish record company Mega Records to record their debut album ”Frosting- the American way” with help from producer Billy Cross (Bob Dylan's former guitarist ). The album was released in 1998 and the drum position was for a short time taken by Jesper Mårtensson.

In 1999, Lotta and Uffe took in two new band members (Anna Brånhede and Stefan Berg) and changed their band name to ”bobby ray”. They recorded a legendary demo and played at Popstad 2000 in Malmoe.

In the year 2000 Lotta went solo and recorded the album ”Golden Green” (DUNDRET STUDIO). It was released through Adrian Recordings in 2001. American songwriter Chip Taylor joined her in a duet on the album, ”The hard part's to stay”. The song was also released as a single two months before the album came out.

Lotta started her own label in 2001, Margit Music (namned after her grandmother) and released the EP ”Scratch”, the single ”Ambassador of love” and the album ”Paintbrush” that same year. All recorded at MIN STUDIO (former Dundret Studio) in Malmoe.

During the years 2003 and 2004 she wrote, produced and recorded her third album in her small home studio in her house in Hököpinge Kyrkby. She namned it ”Ask Harry” and released it through her Margit Music in February 2005.

Lotta moved to Malmoe in 2005 and wrote new songs. She had no plan of making them into an album. Instead she recorded songs and released them the next day on Myspace.
However, when she found out that she had been granted financial support from Statens Kulturråd to produce an album she had a change of plan. She already had songs to fill an album so her fourth album ” In The Core” was released in September 2008.

Lotta started playing live with Carolina Carlbom (The Pujskins), Magnus Sveningsson (The Cardigans) and Måns Wieslander (Elevator Adam). They toured in Germany and new songs where written on the road. The songs became Lottas fifth album ”Thanks for your generous donations!”
Erika Rosén, Sofia Härdig and Katharina Nuttall joined her on the album along side the band. The album was recorded during a short period of time and followed a crazy production plan that Lotta had come up with. A lot of the humor and fun recordings made it through the mix. The album was released in May 2011.

At this time Lotta was one out of five characters in Jessica Nettelbladts movie "I am my own Dolly Parton" and these five women recorded (with Katharina Nuttall as engineer) an album under the name "Dollykollot". An album with both their own songs and Dolly songs.

In 2013 Lotta and her guitarist Måns Wieslander formed the duo Blind Lake and recorded the album "On Earth". It was released on CD in June 2015. During 2016-2018 they recorded new songs that formed the vinyl album Streetlife (2020). In 2022 they released three singles from the EP "Wellness" (2023).

Between 2017-2019 Lotta played percussion in the band Cecilia Nordlund & Fullmånen från Helvetet. The band released an EP and toured with Pelle Ossler in 2017 and in 2018 came their debut album "Åska & Blod". Lotta left the band 2019 and together with Cecilia and Carolina Carlbom brought new life to metal band Det Döda Köttet.

In 2018 Lotta started working on her new solo songs (in Swedish) with Lasse Johansson Ståle as co-producer and fellow musician. The first single/video was released in February 2020 and a month later, as the pandemic hit us, came the EP "Alla andra ska dö". Soon after that Lotta wrote and recorded two more songs and released them as a double single "En Handlingsplan" later that same year.

In 2021 Lotta created instrumental music and invited friends in music (Lisen Rylander Löve, Conny Städe, Magnus Sveningsson, Henrik Hoffer, Andreas Ejnarsson, Måns Wieslander, Åsa Gustafsson, Lasse Johansson Ståle, Henrik Meierkord) to join her in the project named WATERBODY. The result became a nine theme album aiming for film and video art as well as a vinyl release 2023.

In late 2021 Lotta invited Wildie-singer Anders Thorén to join her in the country song "Blackest Hole On Earth". They met when Anders was a guest in the country collective Up the Mountain where Lotta was a member alongside three members from The Cardigans. When she wrote the song she immediately thought how great it would be to have Anders in it. The song was released in June 2022 followed by the single Everybody Knows in July 2023. In Aug 2023 the five track EP "Stardust & Debris" was released and in december the follow up single/video "Riding High".